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Limerick show

Some products on display at the limerick show 2015

Some products on display at the limerick show 2015

Why is our firewood so good!

50kg logs

55kg Logs source logs and stack them for at least a year. They are then processed into firewood and stored in sheds where they dry further.

We recommend a mixture of Ash and Spruce together to make a warm glowing fire, simply because softwood such as Spruce logs burns hotter and faster than hardwoods e.g. Ash/Beech. This mixture compliments each other very well to prolong the flame and gives the greatest heat, however, both types of firewood are equally impressive on their own.

Regardless of which one you opt for with the help of our kindling to start the fire you will have a warm glow in minutes!!!

Duncan Stewart, who presented the long-running RTE1 television series Eco Eye, on a recent visit to Grace Firewood Supplies, in discussion with Managing Director Barry Grace at the premises in Nenagh.


Duncan Stewart & Barry Grace